Benjamin Rouxel

About me

I am currently a Post-Doc at University of Amsterdam in the PCS group. In December 2018, I finished my PhD on Minimising communication costs impact when scheduling real-time applications on multi-core architectures at Univeristy of Rennes 1 under the supervision of Prof. Isabelle Puaut and Steven Derrien. During my PhD time, I was part of the groups PACAP and CAIRN at INRIA/Irisa.

Since the beginning of my Post-Doc, I am working on the TeamPlay H2020 project, and more specially on real-time scheduling with energy and security as additional constraints. My research interests include, but are not limited to, Real-Time Systems from design concept to concrete implementation with the addition of energy efficiency, security, and I am starting to gain interest in neural networks within RT systems.


E-mail :
PGP : 1024D/86AEFFF1
Fingerprint : 1EDB 94F0 66AD 504C AE6B AD7C F059 CCBB 86AE FFF1